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The built-in nursing bra

Our built in nursing bra ensures maximum breast support

We are all familiar with nursing bras where the cups drop down for breastfeeding, however it has come to most of our attention that these aren't the most practical garments to wear when breastfeeding in public. It's fantastic to see so many new garments designed to help us feel more confident during breastfeeding, but at Top Secret Maternity we didn't want to change something that has worked for so long; so we just made it better.

Underneath the fashionable outer layer is the exclusive built-in nursing bra with "Privacy Layer":

Top Secret Maternity breastfeeding clothes combine the features that you are familiar with in a traditional nursing bra with the comfort and discretion that many women are now looking for.

In with the old:

In with the new:

So why not pre-shaped cups? - Some pre-fabricated cups are padded and don't offer the flexibility needed when the cup is dropped. Other pre-fabricated cups are flexible but not supportive enough for breastfeeding.

Top Secret Maternity offers the most supportive built in nursing bra


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