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Top Secret Maternity "Look Book"

To support my retailers, I am determined to allow your customers to experience the full Top Secret Maternity range of breastfeeding clothes in store, even if you are unable to stock the entire range. I understand that retail sales are becoming more difficult with an increase in people shopping on line, and I feel that customer service is the key to keeping people visiting retail stores. So my new "Look Book" will enable you to showcase the entire range of Top Secret Maternity breastfeeding clothes with minimal financial outlay in stock.

Over the past several years I have learnt a lot about what customers are looking for in breastfeeding clothes. So I have decided to discontinue seasonal lines and introduce a complete range of simple breastfeeding basics. As with all of Top Secret Maternity's on-going breastfeeding lines, these styles will be in stock at the warehouse all year round. The range will include many styles you will already know and love, but over time you will see a new range of breastfeeding dresses, lingerie, swimwear and plus sizes. These new products will be introduced over the coming months and new product cards for your "Look Book" will be sent to you as the stock becomes available.

How to use the "Look Book"
The "Look Book" is so easy to use. The first section contains product cards, followed by fabric swatches relating to those cards. Ask your customer to try on a Top Secret Maternity breastfeeding top that you have in store to ensure you achieve the right fit. If she is looking for something you do not stock, turn to your "Look Book" and choose a suitable style, then show her the fabric swatches to make sure she likes the fabric colour and feel. I truely believe that this method will increase your sales without you having to hold all lines, and ensures that your customer won't be leaving your store empty handed. Also you can ask your customers to pay you immediately for the item. If you find that a particular style is quite popular then it may be worth you holding that line in store.

I also offer FREE drop shipping. Read more here.

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