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Nursing Dresses

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Plus size maternity dresses are available in this colour. Click here for our size 20 to 24..
$119.00 $79.00
Plus size maternity dresses are available in this colour. Click here for our size 20 to 24..
$119.00 $79.00

Nursing Dresses and Maternity Dresses- Nursing Dress

Nursing dress - breastfeeding dresses - nursing dresses
Being a new mother is such a special time in your life. But every mum quickly realizes that the rest of the world presses on - even when all you want to do is stay home with your precious bundle of joy. That’s why Top Secret Maternity has made sure that your breastfeeding wardrobe is fully prepared with all you need. Of course that includes stunning breastfeeding dresses that will suit every occasion from casual to formal.

Top Secret Maternity nursing dresses have all the same amazing features you’ll find in the rest of our selection of nursing clothes. The
built-in nursing bra with shaped cups is designed to support and flatter, and has convenient maternity clips that open and close with one hand. Our breastfeeding dresses also feature our patented "Privacy Layer" which drops down to cover the top portion of your breast, making your feeding experience as discreet as possible. You’ll be able to breastfeed your baby nearly anywhere and still look amazing in any of our nursing dresses!

At Top Secret Maternity we realize that convenience and comfort are only part of the picture, so we understand that nursing mums want to be stylish, too! That’s why our breastfeeding dresses come in a variety of styles, from solid basic that you can wear casually with flats or flip flips, to fabulous cocktail style nursing dresses that look great for evening events. Whether it is quick one-step style that you’re after, or something glamorous for a special night out, Top Secret Maternity has breastfeeding dresses to match your needs. We even have some lovely breastfeeding dresses for weddings, and they are so fabulous and discreet that people won’t even realize that you’re wearing a nursing dress.

Let Top Secret Maternity round out your breastfeeding wardrobe with our high quality nursing dresses. We are committed to bringing you convenient, versatile and stylish breastfeeding dresses and
nursing clothing in a range that will go with you anywhere, anytime.

Top Secret Maternity brings you high-quality breastfeeding dresses to complete your wardrobe of nursing wear. Our stylish and comfortable nursing dresses feature our patented design that provides the utmost privacy and flattering shaping for your pregnancy and post-delivery figure. Classic and fashion styles for new mums that want convenience and versatility from their breastfeeding clothes.

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