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  • Breastfeeding for a good nights’ sleep

    “How am I supposed to ever get some sleep when all you want to do is feed??!!! Who would have know this kid was going to eat so often, I need some sleep.” And I would take just about any opportunity to sleep because, let’s face it, sleep deprivation is... Read More
  • Be the best mum in the world….

    Being a parent is the hardest job any of us will ever do and it’s on the job training only! As all mothers know, we often spend so much time looking after everyone else there is no time for ourselves. And during the first few years of our children’s lives... Read More
  • Composition of breast milk

    Did you know that the nutrient composition of your breast milk changes throughout each feed every time you breastfeed? I find the human body truly amazing and I hope that this blog will help you understand why formula will NEVER come close to replacing breast milk. You may or may... Read More
  • Eating to avoid morning sickness

    Oh I remember it like it was yesterday… “ I want something sweet, no salty, no fatty. Oh yeah, French fries with chocolate sauce…Oh yuck, did I just eat that? That’s disgusting I feel sick!!!” Morning sickness is your hormones playing tricks on you so whatever you know, thought you... Read More

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