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Nursing Tanks

Maternity Wear | Nursing Tanks

As a new mother there are few qualities that are of utmost importance to your life, and convenience and comfort certainly rank high on the priority list. This means that your wardrobe needs to help - not hinder - a busy schedule that can quite often revolve around feeding your precious baby. Experienced mums know that a good quality nursing tank is among the most essential pieces of any  breastfeeding wardrobe, and Top Secret Maternity has designed a terrific, high-quality range  of nursing clothes that we just know you'll love. 

What makes the design of our nursing clothes unique and especially useful is our built-in nursing bra with  
"Privacy Layer". These features allow you to remain tasteful while breastfeeding - even while in public. Once the cup of the nursing tank is dropped down, the "Privacy Layer" is designed to cover the top of your breast, allowing you to maintain complete discretion while you feed your baby.

Top Secret Maternity's nursing tank has several other features that will make them one of the most relied upon garments in your wardrobe. These include adjustable straps made from comfortable brush-backed elastic that offer maximum breast support and accommodate changing breast sizes. You'll love the shaped cups on the
built-in nursing bras, which are made of a sturdy cotton to lend further support. The body of our nursing clothes is made from a soft, breathable, stretch fabric that will flatter your figure both pre- and post-baby. In addition to being comfortable and supportive, our nursing tanks are easy to use. They feature standard nursing bra clips that easily open and close with one hand.

Perhaps best of all, Top Secret Maternity nursing clothes aren’t just functional, they are also incredibly stylish. Our styles and designs so cute and discreet they don’t even look like a nursing tank! We have our basic
Sahara in a gorgeous assortment of colors to match your mood. At Top Secret Maternity we don’t just take care of your breastfeeding needs, we look after your desire for style, comfort and confidence.

Top Secret Maternity nursing tanks really are fashion with FUNKtion!



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