About Our Breastfeeding Garments

What sets Top Secret Maternity breastfeeding clothing apart from all other nursing wear is our built-in nursing bra that offers real breast support and our exclusive "Privacy Layer", the layer of fabric that sits between the breast and the built-in nursing bra.

When you drop the bra cup to breastfeed, the "Privacy Layer" is exposed and needs to be lifted to attach the baby. Once the baby is attached you relax the "Privacy Layer" and it actually covers the top of the breast when breastfeeding.

Top Secret Maternity nursing wear also features a fully shaped built-in nursing bra to ensure you always feel supported, comfortable and confident. The bra cups are made from a sturdy cotton elastane fabric with a soft, brushed back elastic that sits around the torso. We chose to use a different fabric to make the nursing bras (instead of just using the same fabric as the outer layer of our breastfeeding clothing), because the nursing bras are designed to offer maximum breast support whereas the outer "fashion" layer is designed to stretch and flatter both the pre and post baby body.

All Top Secret Maternity breastfeeding clothing has adjustable bra straps to allow for changing breast size during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The bra straps of our nursing wear are made from brushed back bra strap elastic, not binding. They are soft on the skin and the width of the elastic prevents it from cutting into the shoulders of larger-breasted women.

Adding to the already supportive built-in nursing bra, some Top Secret Maternity nursing wear styles have additional support when the outer fashion layer is reinforced under the bust. This is a little more restrictive to the final look of our nursing clothing, but it allows us to offer dependable nursing wear with maximum breast support for larger-breasted women.

Top Secret Maternity nursing wear use regular maternity bra clasps for easy one-handed opening and closing.

Finally, all of Top Secret Maternity nursing wear are produced in Melbourne from Australian made fabrics and we hold a full range of stock on hand all year round so we are ready to ship your new breastfeeding clothing to you whenever you need us to.

Have you been looking for Australia's best nursing wear? Then Look no further ... we have a full range of breatfeeding clothing right here at Top Secret Maternity.