Do you know how this feels? How long has it taken for you to gain weight? For most people the answer is years. Then how do you expect to lose weight in a matter of weeks or months and then maintain that weight loss?

If you are absolutely serious about losing weight you will firstly have to come to realize the TRUTH: everything you have been doing up until now has led you to having your unhealthy, overweight body. You need to learn how to change yourLIFESTYLE if you want to lose weight and maintain the weight loss.

If you are not prepared to accept this lifestyle change yet, then you are not mentally ready to have the body that you deserve. But keep reassessing your goals, if you want it enough, eventually you will be ready.

PLEASE HEAR THIS: If you continue to use fad diets and lose weight rapidly without learning how to be healthy you will become caught in the cycle known as “yo-yo dieting” where you lose weight rapidly, learn nothing, go off the “diet”, revert to your old lifestyle and regain all the weight, if not more.

If you are really ready to have the healthy body that you deserve, then you should stay posted and I will reveal some very simple guidelines that will get you on your way to permanent weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

Please start by reading this blog: The basics of a healthy life

Written by Helen La Fontaine
Founder - Top Secret Maternity
Bachelor or Applied Science – Food Science and Nutrition | Master of Public Health