Breastfeeding is a very topical issue and many women are put off with the stigma that surrounds it. This is a personal choice, but if you do choose to breastfeed then my best advice is DON'T GIVE UP!!

So I wanted to share my experience of breastfeeding from when I first started because there were a couple of things that I just wasn't ready for.

I won't try to fool you, the first couple of weeks aren't the most comfortable, but what do you expect? Just put your finger in your babies mouth and feel how strong they suck. When I had my first little girl, the midwives show me how to shape my nipple to fit it into her mouth. But when your breast is as solid as a rock, and quite often bigger than the babies head, it can be difficult to say the least! This does become easier once your milk settles down and you and your baby get to know what you're doing.

I also found that once she was on she didn't want to let go, so make sure you put your little finger gently into the corner of your baby's mouth and release the suction before trying to remove your nipple. Also get some good nipple cream and make sure you put it on after every feed. When your nipples are a little split they may stick to your bra (or breast pads) and this is unnecessarily painful, so applying nipple cream prevents cracking.

And it didn't get much easier when I had my second daughter, but I knew what I was in for and how to manage it so the discomfort didn't last as long or get nearly as bad.

Anyway, please give it your best shot, and contact the Australian Breastfeeding Association if you have any queries.

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Written by Top Secret Maternity Founder.

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