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New mums go through a lot of things after the newborn baby joins the family. This time would be magical but also challenging at the same time. To make your special ride easier, Top Secret Maternity has designed tops with secret support bra made in Melbourne. 

Our hidden support tank tops are perfect for light workouts, for lounging around your home, and to wear as a layering piece under a jacket, shirt, or cardigan. Nursing tank tops with an in-built support bra make breastfeeding easy in private and public places. 

A tank top with a secret support bra is becoming mums’ favourite choice during the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding. These tops are double layered and made of quality fabric and are highly affordable.

Some other breastfeeding brands may call their support in the garments secret, but there is no hidden trick to Top Secret Maternity hidden support tank tops. They offer real and supportive bras for all of you nursing mothers out there!

At Top Secret Maternity, we have a comprehensive range of nursing tank tops with built-in bras. We have put in our complete love and attention to these tops so that you get your fit, support, comfort, and value for your money.  

Our range of maternity tank tops with a secret support bra in Melbourne is famous and covers you at every stage from pregnancy to postpartum and parenthood. These super-soft tops come with a shelf bra and easy-to-work clip-down straps for easy feeding your baby.  Now nursing or pumping to feed your baby will be easy and can be done anywhere without feeling nervous and uncomfortable. 

Check out our great collection of black and white Sahara breastfeeding tank tops. We have plus-size tank tops as well as lounge dresses. These products will make your maternity time easy and stress-free. 

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