Nursing Covers/ Breastfeeding Tops

Nursing Covers/ Breastfeeding Tops

Breastfeed your baby anywhere anytime with Top Secret Maternity nursing covers made of pure cotton. These breastfeeding tops are specially designed products that can be used as a nursing cover, a cardigan or a poncho. These are fashionable covers that help you stay stylish and nurse your baby in complete privacy.

You don't have to go any further if you wish to breastfeed discreetly. At Top Secret Maternity, we have an extensive assortment of maternity nursing covers in Australia. These items will be worn as a cape or scarf on a daily basis and you can breastfeed your child in complete privacy even in public places.

Wear it with a pair of jeans or any other dress and get ready in a moment for feeding your child, a date, or a night out. Wear a blingy necklace with this nursing cover to keep your mood upbeat. To keep your baby calm and enjoy having his food, we have made this cover from breathable and comfy material. This is also suitable for twin feeding.  

It is also a perfect present for your ‘going-to-be-mum’ sister, friend, or cousin. These lovely breastfeeding tops can go with almost any outfit. No one will know what it is unless you start using it! Look through our collection of best nursing covers in Australia to pick one that fits your personality.

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