Top Secret Maternity Use Special Fabrics For All Our Breastfeeding Garments

The Top Secret Maternity shaped built-in nursing bra is made from a 95% cotton 5% elastane blend. Due to cottons extremely sturdy nature this fabric will ensure your breasts feel fully supported and we have added some elastane to allow for the size of the breast to change, which is essential when your milk is coming in.

The outer "fashion" layer
At Top Secret Maternity we have experimented with many types of fabrics and have found that 95% viscose and 5% elastane is the best fabric for our fashionable range of breastfeeding clothes. Viscose is a man-made fibre, but it is made from regenerated wood pulp, and therefore it is actually a natural fibre which breathes just like cotton.  The thing we LOVE about viscose is its ability to hold bold, bright colours. So the garment you buy today, if well looked after, will look just as great next year, and the year after.

Unfortunately, on its own viscose is not a very stable fabric, so we have added just enough elastane to allow the viscose to hold its shape well, and this also accommodates your changing body shape nicely.

We have found that the colour-holding ability of cotton isn’t as good as viscose, but we don’t want you going to bed in elasticated fabrics that can end up twisting around you, so we make all of our breastfeeding sleepwear from cotton. As long as you wash the garment following the care label and dry it in the shade, the colour will hold up nicely.

Top Secret Maternity fabrics are specifically designed to suit our breastfeeding clothes.