Mum & Bub Organic Breastfeeding Tea & Cup Set

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Enjoy the benefits of Toil & Trouble Teas and Infusions for the breastfeeding mum! This special blend contains organic ingredients, which are all natural. It also has no caffeine so you can enjoy your tea without worrying about jitters or other side effects from too much coffee consumption while pregnant. Aids in digestion thanks to some really great herbs like Fennel Seed Extract (anti-inflammatory), Aniseed Passionfruit Peel Pieces(stimulant).


The tea comes loose with approxiately 10 serves inside a 9x14cm recyclable bag making it easy on landfills as well. (You can remove the little window (which is recyclable), and the remainder of the bag is biodegradable). Brand: TOIL & TROUBLE TEAS & INFUSIONS All natural Hand made Organic.


Best before date: 2024


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