Privacy Layer

"Privacy Layer" for absolute discretion

One of the many innovative features of Top Secret Maternity's breastfeeding clothing is the exclusive "Privacy Layer"* that is exposed when the bra cup is dropped for breastfeeding. The privacy layer is designed to be lifted to allow the baby to attach to the breast, and then it can be dropped down to meet the baby's mouth and cover the upper part of the breast during breastfeeding. As the baby comes off, the privacy layer can be pulled back over the breast before the cup is done up so your breast will never be exposed.

This "Privacy Layer" design is unique to Top Secret Maternity and is used throughout the entire Top Secret Maternity range of nursing wear.

Top Secret Maternity is leading the way in innovative, discreet, breastfeeding fashion, and no other nursing tank product can compare to Top Secret Maternity's built-in nursing bra and "Privacy Layer".