Recommended Retail Price

I have gone to a lot of trouble to create a range of breastfeeding clothes worthy of the set recommended retail price. So I am committed to fully supporting Top Secret Maternity resellars by asking everyone who stocks the Top Secret Maternity breastfeeding range to respect the set recommended retail pricing. Top Secret Maternity has produced a high quality range of breastfeeding garments in Australia from Australian made fabrics. Top Secret Maternity garments are made using Ethical Clothing practices in Australia by supporting local Melbourne manufacturing and suppliers for fabrics etc. when possible.

What I ask of resellers who stock the Top Secret Maternity brand:

The reseller may set a higher retail price if desired.

The reseller may offer Top Secret Maternity garments at a reduced price from time to time as part of a sale. The sale must have a start and end date, it must clearly indicate that this is a temporary reduction in the recommended retail price, and the recommended retail price must be included.

IF Top Secret Maternity decides to discontinue a line of breastfeeding garments, this line may be permanently reduced by the reseller to clear remaining stock.