Nursing Sky Lounge Dress

Nursing lounge dresses can make feeding easier for new mothers. Stylish and comfy dresses can set the mood and help you breast feed with confidence. Maternity wear is highly improved and now you can find a wide variety of breastfeeding dresses.

At Top Secret Maternity, we understand your needs and thus our breastfeeding dresses in Australia can be worn in various stages of maternity. Our airy nursing lounge dress is perfect for warm weather as it is made of super-soft and quality fabric.

The nursing privacy panel makes it easy to nurse your baby at home or on the go, and the fabric stretches with you during your pregnancy. You don't even have to take this two-in-one dress off because it doubles as a nightgown.

This nursing lounge dress includes a simple snap-front and a built-in modesty layer, making it ideal for feeding. Make sure to bring this comfy and ideal dress with you to the hospital! Perfect for labor and delivery, as well as postpartum comfort.

We designed and made the Skye Breastfeeding dress in Australia to be versatile and comfortable for nursing mums. The built-in bra, drop-down clips, and privacy layer allow you to nurse easily while wearing the stretchy elastic bra straps offer convenience. Made of viscose elastane with a relaxed fit in all sizes, it will give you room to grow as your pregnancy progresses or through maternity or parenthood.

So, get ready to treat yourself with our amazing Skye Nursing lounge and breastfeeding dresses in Australia. Choose the right size and ensure that you follow all care instructions carefully.

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