There are a huge number of different breastfeeding clothes available on the market today. The two main types are those with a built in nursing bra and those that allow access to your regular maternity bra worn underneath.

Breastfeeding mothers are sometimes made to feel that nursing newborns and infants is an unacceptable behaviour in our modern world. But you don’t have to feel uncomfortable when breastfeeding in public anymore. Our fantastic range of breastfeeding tanks and dresses are available to make every breastfeeding mum feel comfortable and look fantastic. All our breastfeeding clothing are available with a built in nursing bra and even a discreet layer that covers the breast during breastfeeding. Nursing wear that is not only stylish but that offers support and ease of use, anywhere, anytime. And did you know breastfeeding can help you lose those extra unwanted kilos you may have gained during pregnancy? So you’re going to look even better in your stylish nursing wear. Your little one will love breastfeeding tops as much as you do because it means lunch is on the menu no matter where you go. Versatile nursing wear really is a great addition to any breastfeeding mums wardrobe!

About our Breastfeeding Tops & Nursing Wear

Sahara breastfeeding tops are the corner piece of a collection originating from our Australian company that solely designs, develops and manufactures nursing wear - nothing else !The entire range of breastfeeding tops from Top Secret Maternity offer excellent support for a F/G cup! Larger breasted women are always skeptical about the support they will get from nursing wear with a built in nursing bra, but these are the best fitting and most comfortable breastfeeding tops available today.

Designed by a mum for mums, Top Secret Maternity nursing wear doesn’t just offer fantastic support, but the in-built nursing bra with its exclusive “Privacy Layer” enables you to breastfeed discreetly. Proudly 'Made In Melbourne, Australia', these high quality breastfeeding tops are ethically produced to the strictest of standards.

Do not be fooled by seemingly similar nursing wear on the market, as they are neither as discreet, nor can they replace a nursing bra. Top Secret Maternity breastfeeding tops do both and will save you money as they can also be worn during pregnancy.

Top Secret Maternity breastfeeding tops are a hospital bag must have.

Breastfeeding Dresses & Nursing Dresses

Whether it’s out for a coffee with the girls, or out for an amazing night with your family, Top Secret Maternity has designed a versatile range of breastfeeding dresses to ensure you feel comfortable, supported and stylish. Top Secret Maternity nursing dresses are unique because they have a fully shaped built-in nursing bra and “Privacy Layer” that enable you to breastfeed discreetly, anywhere, anytime.

“Thank you for designing such a gorgeous range of nursing dresses - I will be wearing one to my brother's wedding and my 9 month old will be able to feed easily - and I can still enjoy wearing a fab frock! It's such a great fit that I know I will keep wearing it - breastfeeding or not!”  Bernie

" I wore one of the Skye breastfeeding dresses to a wedding and it was a big hit. I was able to breastfeed my little girl and no one had a clue. I even had an older gentleman sit and chat with me for 10 minutes before he realised what I was doing. Needless to say he then ended the conversation quickly and left a little embarrassed."
- Bec

Top Secret Maternity has designed nursing tops that help make nursing easy.

Just listen to what some happy customers have got to say:

“I have tried breastfeeding tops and the support was mediocre, but I am truly sold on 'Top Secret Maternity’ and will definitely recommend these products to every breastfeeding mum I know”. Aynur

"Your products are of a fantastic quality & style, and I personally wear one EVERY day, no need for bra, or boob sticking out. I now own 8, just ordered 2 more & will get more for sure. Keep up the great quality. Michelle

"I received my sahara top today and wanted to say thanks for the speedy delivery and help over the phone in choosing the right size. "
- Aynur

"This is one of the best breastfeeding tops I have found! They are so comfortable and nice to wear....I will be telling everyone how great they are..."
- Kirsty

"The design of your products makes it entirely unnecessary to need any type of covering for the baby during breastfeeding. My son always ended up hot and sweaty while I was trying to be discreet hiding him under wraps. I am due with my second baby in 8 weeks and have already gained a lot of use from the Sahara top."
- Rebecca

"I bought 2 of your tank tops and I just wanted to say thank you. The tops are fantastic. They fit well and the bra is really supportive (which I don't often find having larger breasts). They will be a fantastic and comfortable edition to my wardrobe for summer. I will happily recommend you to friends and family and I hope that your products do help encourage more mums to breastfeed "
- Pam

"Received the tops yesterday - Thanks! Just wanted to tell you how much I love them! They are so comfortable and supportive - beautiful fabric and design. I am 33 weeks pregnant with my second child and I can easily wear these tops while I am pregnant and know they will be fantastic when I am breastfeeding. I used "glamourmom" tops while breastfeeding my first child and I think these are even better! Thanks again for the fantastic service."
- Kirsten

"I just wanted to say that the Eva top is great, easy to use, warm & looks really good. It's a great product & I would recommend it."

"My top arrived today and is fantastic! Thank you so much; making size 8 is something I really appreciate as I don't find many nursing tops at all which start below a 10."

Product feedback from FB 28.06.19.
As much as I love to buy more, but all my tanks are still in very good condition after 16 months of breastfeeding ? Love the quality of these garments ?

Sahara Top “Gorgeous top! More than I expected. I love it and fast delivery too. Thanx #onsale #croptop #topsecretmaternity